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Getting the most out of your Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Height Adjustable Desks – Now that you have purchased or started using your height adjustable desks, there are still three key areas you should pay attention to after your height adjustable desk is assembled.   They are crucial if you want to get the most ergonomic benefits from using a height adjustable desk/workstation:

  1. Height Adjustable Desks – Proper Keyboard Height

Many people (in Hong Kong) bought a height adjustable standing desk not knowing what had been giving them (shoulder and/or neck pain) was not the desk per se but his/her own posture.  Keyboard height is one of the most common areas user tend to ignore when it comes to reason for shoulder pain or neck pain.  One of the most common mistakes is that shoulders are almost always raised too high so that the longer you are sitting/standing behind your set up, the more pain you suffer.  If you are placing your keyboard on the desk surface, a height adjustable desk becomes very handy because as a general rule of thumb you should always adjust your keyboard height such that your shoulders remain very relax while typing.  Also notice that your elbow angle should be at least 90 degrees.  A keyboard tray can be an asset to your desk setup as it helps your shoulder to remain relaxed when you place your hands under the desk.

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  1. Proper Screen Height

A proper screen height is key to avoid strain on your neck.  Even after you have a height adjustable desk installed, very often the screen height can be slightly lower than ideal.  This is particularly true when you use laptops for work.  Due to the smaller screen sizes, laptops will easily drag users forward and cause strain on your neck and shoulder.  A proper screen height is when your eyes are horizontal to your screen height.  A monitor stand can do the trick to a lot of users to raise the monitor to a proper height.  However, in case of dual or multiple monitors set up, monitor arms would be much preferred because it allows you to look at your monitors without raising or lowering your neck.

height adjustable desks ergoseatings.com

  1. Pressure on your feet

We are adamant that sitting all day is worse than mixing standing and sitting at work.  However, that is not to say standing alone will cure all the pains you had before switching to a height adjustable desks.  In order to keep using a standing desk routinely, you should pay attention to the pressure standing will cause to your feet (especially if you plan to spend a good number of hours) behind your new setup.   Start using an anti-fatigue mat if you can because it will take a lot of pressure off your ankles.  Moreover, using a standing desk does not mean you should not be taking breaks or having movement while you work.  Note that how much time you need to stand every day is up to you.  Start gradually by standing one hour the first week and increase it to 2 hours the next.  Remember also to shift your weight from one leg to another while you are standing.  It can surely help avoid discomfort for staying stationary for too long.
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5 Best Advantages of using Standing Desks Hong Kong

5 Best Advantages of using our Standing Desks / Height Adjustable Desk

Below you will find 5 best advantages os using our Standing Desks Hong Kong – Sitting is the new smoking.  You may have heard this or you may not.  You may still be skeptical but if you are ready to make the switch from a fixed height desk to a height adjustable standing desk because your back pain is killing you, here are some things to think about when it comes to your first standing desk purchase.

  1. The Desk Frame. Most people, when talked about standing desks, would first consider which standing desk frames to use.  There are usually 2 types of frames on the market:
    1) Electric one with dual motors (one motor on each leg).
    2) hand-cranked standing desks which allow you to adjust the height manually. Obviously, in the modern workspace, speed is pretty crucial for basically everything involved.  We would dismiss the hand-cranked version here in this column simply because at the current price, although a hand-cranked standing desk is cheaper, to make standing a habit you need a desk that changes very swiftly between standing and sitting.  If the switching process takes so long it just gets too troublesome to make standing a habit.  Moreover, a dual motored standing desk frame is already available at a pretty affordable price.
  2. The Control Box. Every standing desk has a control box which controls the movement of the desk.  A better quality control box obviously can make life a lot easier down the road when you switch to using a standing desk.   Be sure to check the control box underneath a standing desk before you make your purchase.

    Standing Desk Control Box Ergoseatings
    A control box is the “Soul” of a standing desk
  3. The Height Range. Not every standing desk has the same moving height range.  Some can go higher and lower than the others, depending on the manufacturers and model.  The common ones are either 2 or 3 columns when you look at the standing desk legs carefully.  Normally a 2 column/jointed desk frame allows smaller height range than a 3 column/jointed frame.  Note that you should pay attention to not only the highest position the frame can bring you to. But also the lowest point as well.  The reason is that for example, when you plan to add casters to a 2 column desk, the height of the desk will automatically become higher and hence your normal sitting position can be affected as well.  A 3-column desk frame can allow better flexibility in terms of height range.  In Asia/Hong Kong, this is particularly important because many users may find a regular 75cm fixed height desk to be higher than they can normally accept.   That becomes not very ergonomic and yet the movable height nature of a standing desk can easily fix that.

    3 column desk frame
    A typical 3 column desk frame


    desk leg with only 2 columns
    A desk leg with only 2 columns


  4. The Tabletop. The table top of a standing desk is probably the part you are going to see the most as you are going to be sitting or standing behind it every day.  Most suppliers offer standard dimensions for table top and users do not get to choose the dimensions, thickness, and materials.  Beware of some of the materials used for the table top as some could be better than the others.  It usually comes in different materials such as melamine, MDF, Laminate or even solid wood.  They each have their pros and cons and also the price range can vary and contribute to the final price of a standing desk.
  5. Desk Accessories. There are other accessories to consider if you want to make your desk perfect and the switch plain sailing.  Cables can be a headache to many users and so cable management is essential to make things look nice and tidy when you set up your desk.  Spine cable management is something to consider as well if you want the cables to be out of sight.  You may also need desk divider or modesty panel if you prefer some privacy in your workspace.  Finally, to make standing a habit, consider getting an anti-fatigue mat as well because if you plan to stand for a while, your ankle and feet should also be well protected and alleviate the stress on your feet from a long time standing.  Remember, standing is good, but the key to a healthier lifestyle stems from movement – a good mix between sitting and standing.

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電動升降桌 Standing Desks – Hong Kong – Ergoseatings


電動升降桌 – 喺香港,隨著人們的工作時間越來越長,我地對辦公室傢俬的要求也要不斷作出檢討。因為 20-30 年前大家工作的環境及習慣跟現在比起實在有了不少的差別,以前合用的傢俱現在可能已變得不太符合人體工學。久而久之,如長期使用不太符合人體工學的傢俱,用家因此而受傷或引起痛症的機會亦大大增加。最近三四年美國開始流行電動升降桌這個新辦公室設備,且被科技界廣泛接納,由其矽谷那班常常對著電腦日以繼夜的一羣精英,可以企喺度做野令到其中不少有腰背痛一族者趨之若鶩。 查實企喺度做野的而且確是有很多好處的。根據很多外國的科學研究指出,長期坐下對人體健康有多方面的壞處。以下是一些關於久坐跟危疾方面的研究報告重點撮要,專家們亦簡稱為久坐疾病(sitting disease): 2013 年美國醫學協會(American Medical Association) 指出久坐引起的健康問題並鼓勵僱主、僱員及其他人仕改用可拱坐或企的電動升降桌(standing desk) 2011年Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(疾控中心)指出使用電動升降桌的用家較少有背痛等疾病並讓其提高工作情緒 2010年 American Cancer Society (美國癌症學會) 撰文提出閒時坐得較多的人仕患病機會增加而且壽命一般較短 2009年 澳洲昆士蘭大學(University of Queensland) 研究顯示成人就算有正常活動者,久坐亦會減慢身陳代謝 如何選擇電動升降桌 當你已經考慮買一張電動升降桌的時候,以下有幾點不妨參考下: 一、一般電動升降桌是用摩打去控制枱面的上落速度,由每秒 16mm 到每秒 35mm 不等。速度快慢對健康問題不大,但當然快一點對欠缺耐性的人一定較適合 二、電動升降桌枱面的總高度:一般電動升降桌可以升至1200mm即大概4尺左右,所以就算各下身高六尺問題亦不大。最低的一般可以到 600mm, 其實亦頗適合小朋友了。但要注意每個供應商這方面會有多少出入。 三、桌面:一般電動升降桌可讓用家選擇三幾種不同顏色。在這方面 Ergoseatings.com 希望作出一點突破。我們可以任由用戶自訂桌面形狀、大小、顏色、物料(防火板甚至實木)、桌面開孔多寡或尺寸,甚至需要加桌櫃均可。 四、其他配件。要配合一張電動辦公桌並使其符合一體工學,用家亦可考慮添置配件如 keyboard tray (鍵盤架)、CPU架或電線糟。在外國亦甚流行在電動升降桌下面配上 treadmill 跑步機: 用戶可以一邊工作一邊燃燒更多卡路里。 以下列表包括由 2008 至 2014 年的多個綜合關於久坐及使用電動升降桌的研究報告:

Title Authors Setting Intervention Source YEAR
Using Sit-Stand Workstations to Decrease Sedentary Time in Office Workers – PDF Dutta N, Koepp GA, Stovitz SD, Levine JA, Pereira MA office sit-stand desks (WorkFit) Int’l Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health – site 2014
Avoiding Sedentary Behavior Might Lengthen Telomeres: Secondary Outcomes from Physical Activity in Older People Sjögren P, Fisher R, Kallings L, Svenson U, Roos G, Hellénius ML non-specific activity schedule British Journal of Sports Medicine – site 2014
Impacts of Sit-to-Stand Devices on Outcomes of Special Needs Students – PDF Pronk N, HealthPartners classroom standing desks (LearnFit) 2014
Iterative Development of Stand Up Australia: Multi-component Intervention to Reduce Workplace Sitting Neuhaus M, Healy GN, Fjeldsoe BS, Lawler S, Owen N, Dunstan DW, LaMontagne AD, Eakin EG office sit-stand desks (WorkFit), training Journal of Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity – site 2014
Workplace Sitting and Height-Adjustable Workstations, A Randomized Controlled Trial – PDF Neuhaus M, Healy GN, Dunstan DW, Owen N, Eakin EG office sit-stand desks (WorkFit) American Journal of Preventive Medicine – site 2014
The Effects of a Non-Sedentary Workspace on Information Elaboration and Group Performance Knight AP, Baer M classroom chairs removed SAGE Journals – site 2014
Cardiovascular and Metabolic Benefits of Standing Desk Work – PDF Buckley J, Morris M, Mellor D, Joseph F office sit-stand desks (WorkFit) Occupational & Environmental Medicine – site 2013
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Minimal Intensity Physical Activity Improves Insulin Action and Plasma Lipids More than Shorter Periods of Exercise in Sedentary Subjects Duvivier B, Schaper NC, Bremers MA, van Crombrugge G, Menheere P, Kars M, Savelberg H non-specific activity schedule PLOS one – site 2013
Using Stand/Sit Workstations in Classrooms: Lessons Learned from a Pilot Study Blake JJ, Benden ME, Wendel ML classroom sit-stand desks Journal of Public Health Management & Practice – site 2012
Sit-Stand Workstations: A Pilot Intervention to Reduce Office Sitting Time Alkihajah TA, Reeves MM, Eakin EG, Winkler EA, Owen N, Healy GN office sit-stand desks (WorkFit) American Journal of Preventative Medicine – site 2012
Patterns of Objectively Measured Prolonged Sedentary Time and Physical Activity at Work – PDF Thorp AA, Healy GN, Clark BK, Gardiner PA, Winkler EA, Owen N, Dunstan DW office accelerometer 2012
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Reducing Occupational Sitting Time and Improving Worker Health – PDF Pronk NP, Katz AS, Lowry M, Payfer JR office sit-stand desks (WorkFit) Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – site 2011
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Television Viewing Time and Sitting Time: are they similarly associated with biomarkers of cardio-metabolic risk? – PDF Thorp AA, Owen N, Healy GN, Clark BK, Salmon J, Ball K, Shaw JE, Zimmet PZ, Dunstan DW home n/a American Diabetes Association – site 2009
Too little exercise and too much sitting: Inactivity physiology and the need for new recommendations on sedentary behavior Hamilton MT, Healy GN, Dunstan DW, Zderic TW, Owen N non-specific n/a Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports – site 2008

後記 隨著香港人越來越注重健康,使用電動升降桌應該是一股不會減弱的大趨勢。雖然電動升降桌價錢比一般書桌的價錢稍高,但是如果可以讓用家減少疾病或肥胖的機會,仍然是值得考慮使用的。由其久坐對著電腦工作的人仕,保持脊椎及背部活動是非常重要的,一張好的人體工學椅可以説並不足夠。不過,根據一些美國早以開始使用電動升降桌的用家反映,雖然企喺度的而且確能大大減低腰背痛的煩惱,但要注意的是:長時間企喺度亦會有令腳跟腫脹的問題,所以使用者必須好好利用電動升降桌,時而坐下,時而企下,咁樣先可確保真正健康。 Why prolonged sitting and standing is unproductive infographic

電動升降檯 (2): 電動升降桌的好處




1. 肥胖、腰圍增加及新陳代謝下降 久坐會改變身體組成,使肌肉量降低,使脂肪跑到下腹部或臀部. 維持坐姿一小時,燃燒脂肪的激素會下降百分之90.

2. 高診次患者醫療費第一名: 下背痛或椎間盤突出 坐的時間長久,就容易造成椎間盤壓力增加,使軟骨往後凸出,壓迫神經,而形成坐骨神經痛.

3. 慢性病: 糖尿病、心臟病、肺栓塞及慢性腎臟病 久坐造成血液循環不良,各慢性病的風險及罹患機率大幅提高,如根據萊斯特大學 (University of Leicester) 研究超過80萬人結果發現,坐最久的那組比坐最少的那組罹患心臟病與糖尿病的機率多一倍.