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Getting the most out of your Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Height Adjustable Desks – Now that you have purchased or started using your height adjustable desks, there are still three key areas you should pay attention to after your height adjustable desk is assembled.   They are crucial if you want to get the most ergonomic benefits from using a height adjustable desk/workstation:

  1. Height Adjustable Desks – Proper Keyboard Height

Many people (in Hong Kong) bought a height adjustable standing desk not knowing what had been giving them (shoulder and/or neck pain) was not the desk per se but his/her own posture.  Keyboard height is one of the most common areas user tend to ignore when it comes to reason for shoulder pain or neck pain.  One of the most common mistakes is that shoulders are almost always raised too high so that the longer you are sitting/standing behind your set up, the more pain you suffer.  If you are placing your keyboard on the desk surface, a height adjustable desk becomes very handy because as a general rule of thumb you should always adjust your keyboard height such that your shoulders remain very relax while typing.  Also notice that your elbow angle should be at least 90 degrees.  A keyboard tray can be an asset to your desk setup as it helps your shoulder to remain relaxed when you place your hands under the desk.

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  1. Proper Screen Height

A proper screen height is key to avoid strain on your neck.  Even after you have a height adjustable desk installed, very often the screen height can be slightly lower than ideal.  This is particularly true when you use laptops for work.  Due to the smaller screen sizes, laptops will easily drag users forward and cause strain on your neck and shoulder.  A proper screen height is when your eyes are horizontal to your screen height.  A monitor stand can do the trick to a lot of users to raise the monitor to a proper height.  However, in case of dual or multiple monitors set up, monitor arms would be much preferred because it allows you to look at your monitors without raising or lowering your neck.

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  1. Pressure on your feet

We are adamant that sitting all day is worse than mixing standing and sitting at work.  However, that is not to say standing alone will cure all the pains you had before switching to a height adjustable desks.  In order to keep using a standing desk routinely, you should pay attention to the pressure standing will cause to your feet (especially if you plan to spend a good number of hours) behind your new setup.   Start using an anti-fatigue mat if you can because it will take a lot of pressure off your ankles.  Moreover, using a standing desk does not mean you should not be taking breaks or having movement while you work.  Note that how much time you need to stand every day is up to you.  Start gradually by standing one hour the first week and increase it to 2 hours the next.  Remember also to shift your weight from one leg to another while you are standing.  It can surely help avoid discomfort for staying stationary for too long.
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