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5 Best Advantages of using Standing Desks Hong Kong

5 Best Advantages of using our Standing Desks / Height Adjustable Desk

Below you will find 5 best advantages os using our Standing Desks Hong Kong – Sitting is the new smoking.  You may have heard this or you may not.  You may still be skeptical but if you are ready to make the switch from a fixed height desk to a height adjustable standing desk because your back pain is killing you, here are some things to think about when it comes to your first standing desk purchase.

  1. The Desk Frame. Most people, when talked about standing desks, would first consider which standing desk frames to use.  There are usually 2 types of frames on the market:
    1) Electric one with dual motors (one motor on each leg).
    2) hand-cranked standing desks which allow you to adjust the height manually. Obviously, in the modern workspace, speed is pretty crucial for basically everything involved.  We would dismiss the hand-cranked version here in this column simply because at the current price, although a hand-cranked standing desk is cheaper, to make standing a habit you need a desk that changes very swiftly between standing and sitting.  If the switching process takes so long it just gets too troublesome to make standing a habit.  Moreover, a dual motored standing desk frame is already available at a pretty affordable price.
  2. The Control Box. Every standing desk has a control box which controls the movement of the desk.  A better quality control box obviously can make life a lot easier down the road when you switch to using a standing desk.   Be sure to check the control box underneath a standing desk before you make your purchase.

    Standing Desk Control Box Ergoseatings
    A control box is the “Soul” of a standing desk
  3. The Height Range. Not every standing desk has the same moving height range.  Some can go higher and lower than the others, depending on the manufacturers and model.  The common ones are either 2 or 3 columns when you look at the standing desk legs carefully.  Normally a 2 column/jointed desk frame allows smaller height range than a 3 column/jointed frame.  Note that you should pay attention to not only the highest position the frame can bring you to. But also the lowest point as well.  The reason is that for example, when you plan to add casters to a 2 column desk, the height of the desk will automatically become higher and hence your normal sitting position can be affected as well.  A 3-column desk frame can allow better flexibility in terms of height range.  In Asia/Hong Kong, this is particularly important because many users may find a regular 75cm fixed height desk to be higher than they can normally accept.   That becomes not very ergonomic and yet the movable height nature of a standing desk can easily fix that.

    3 column desk frame
    A typical 3 column desk frame


    desk leg with only 2 columns
    A desk leg with only 2 columns


  4. The Tabletop. The table top of a standing desk is probably the part you are going to see the most as you are going to be sitting or standing behind it every day.  Most suppliers offer standard dimensions for table top and users do not get to choose the dimensions, thickness, and materials.  Beware of some of the materials used for the table top as some could be better than the others.  It usually comes in different materials such as melamine, MDF, Laminate or even solid wood.  They each have their pros and cons and also the price range can vary and contribute to the final price of a standing desk.
  5. Desk Accessories. There are other accessories to consider if you want to make your desk perfect and the switch plain sailing.  Cables can be a headache to many users and so cable management is essential to make things look nice and tidy when you set up your desk.  Spine cable management is something to consider as well if you want the cables to be out of sight.  You may also need desk divider or modesty panel if you prefer some privacy in your workspace.  Finally, to make standing a habit, consider getting an anti-fatigue mat as well because if you plan to stand for a while, your ankle and feet should also be well protected and alleviate the stress on your feet from a long time standing.  Remember, standing is good, but the key to a healthier lifestyle stems from movement – a good mix between sitting and standing.

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